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Assess Monitor Protect

FortressFire’s AMP Platform is a comprehensive solution that helps insurers and property owners assess wildfire ignition risks, monitor evolving threats, and trigger protection services to make properties safer.

A Platform to Manage Wildfire Risk

We developed proprietary machine learning technology to score ignition risks, continuously monitor property conditions, and coordinate asset protection services to reduce the number of structures lost to wildfire. Our integrated AMP Platform complements existing hazard models by providing ignition risk assessment to enhance underwriting accuracy, identify wildfire mitigation actions, and facilitate services to maintain the hardened condition throughout the wildfire season.

FortressFire AMP Platform Solutions



We use satellite imagery, inspection data, and machine learning to calculate an objective, quantitative rating of wildfire vulnerabilities at the property level to better price risk and inform mitigation plans.

  • Proprietary Property Ignition Model (PIM)
  • Property-level ignition risk rating
  • Data-driven wildfire mitigation planning
  • Built on decades of wildfire research and experience


Our platform continuously reviews satellite data, weather reports, and wildfire alerts to monitor ignition risk factors and emerging threats throughout wildfire season.

  • Weekly checks on property changes and constant tracking of environmental conditions
  • Ongoing, objective risk evaluation to identify evolving threats
  • Services triggered upon observed change at insured locations


In the event of a potential wildfire scenario, we facilitate a variety of asset protection services to proactively protect against emerging threats.

  • Proprietary USFS-qualified, long-term fire retardant
  • Proactive seasonal property maintenance services
  • Wildfire alerts and updates

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